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Capture entire websites as images


  • Probably the easiest way to capture a complete webpage


  • Keyboard hotkeys don't seem to work

Very good

Taking screenshots can be as easy as pressing the prntscr key in any moment, or as painful has having to individually copy and paste different areas of your screen and then arrange them in an image editor.

This would be the case, for example, if you wanted to take a snapshot of a complete webpage, from top to bottom.

Well, not anymore. Firefox users will be glad to know there's an extension that enables you to capture entire webpages as an image in JPG or PNG formats, taking both what you see and what remains hidden beyond the browser's limits.

The capture can be triggered via the context menu, a button on Firefox's toolbar and also a keyboard hotkey, although we personally didn't succeed in here.

Pearl Crescent Page Saver is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that lets you capture images of web pages. These images can be saved in PNG format or (with Firefox 2) in JPEG format.

The entire page or just the visible portion may be captured. Options let you control whether images are captured at full size (which is the default) or scaled down to a smaller size.

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Page Saver 1.5

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